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We produce high-quality photographic images for all business needs, including commercial product photography for industrial, architectural, interior, exterior, staff portraits, and all sizes of product photography.

We can bring our fully-equipped portable studio to your business premises to capture on-location images of your workplace or large products. For all other products, we use our in-house product photography studio that is set up specifically for creating images for online shops or printed advertisements.

Whether you need a high resolution photograph for a poster or a smaller resolution photograph to quickly load onto your e-commerce store, eBay, or Amazon shop, we have the equipment required to create them. Our equipment includes professional digital cameras and film cameras in 35mm, 6cm x 6cm (medium format), and 5″ x 4″ (large format).

If you need exterior and interior photographs of your premises for your Toucan Graphics-designed website, we can visit your location and take all the required photographs, including specialised shots and personnel portraits.

Product Photography by Toucan Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, make every one of them
count with professional photographs that show them in their best light.

Not only can we take great high resolution images but we can also
do post-production work to enhance your product images.

Perfect for your e-commerce shop, or eBay, or Amazon shops.

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Toucan Photo - Product Photography


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Barton Chemicals Logo


“Your images are outstanding, really pleased with them.”


Gary Barton, DirectorBarton Chemicals



Flex Technologies Limited


“Thanks for the excellent work. The photos you made were very professional.
I would be happy to work with you in the future.”


Gene Boyarov, Director, Flex Technologies Limited